We’re starting to wonder if Saturday Night Live has had a mental breakdown of its own since Trump won the election. Seriously.

Last night the show included a “short” that cast Kellyanne Conway and Jake Tapper in “Fatal Attraction,” and honestly it came off as more creepy than funny.

We get it, they don’t like Kellyanne Conway but this just comes off as mean – sorta like Baldwin’s Trump impression.

Mean spirited and super creepy.

And poor Jake Tapper saw it this morning:

Um indeed and YIKES.

Star? More like a target really.

Also, would someone let SNL know that they’re officially sexist?

Oh wait, it doesn’t work that way? But we thought when a show made fun of a powerful woman that was sexism or something.

Imagine the screeching if they portrayed Hillary Clinton in this way.

This was definitely taking it too far. If they have to take their comedy to this level they’re not comedians anymore.

Exactly. Mean to a wife and a mom … and poor Jake.

Offensive. Good word.

Doesn’t even really do justice to the movie and again, comes across as angry and bitter, not funny.

SNL has a real issue.

You would hope if they were going to do something of this exceptionally poor taste they would at least try and make it funny.

Sadly for SNL, at this rate they *will* be ignored by more and more viewers.