Perhaps part of the problem is that feminism is AWFUL.

Really New York Times? Chopped liver? Psh.

There are plenty of Conservative women we see around these here parts and they have said nothing about wanting ANYTHING to do with feminism. But nice try.

This made us roll our eyes so hard it actually hurt – can you pull a muscle in your eye? Great, now it’s twitching, thanks feminism.

WHAT?! Ummm so much no and if Jessica would bother to step outside of her bubble she’d see that. Conservative women want to be seen as equal, not special and not just another vagina. Maybe she missed it but the 1950’s passed a long long long time ago.

Angry feminist is angry.

DOWN WITH THE PATRIARCHY … oh wait. Now this is getting confusing.

More than that even. Walking around wearing knitted pink vaginas and insisting people who stone women for being raped are the good guys? Delusional.

Feminism is destroying itself.

We should let it.

It is absolutely all about playing the victim with modern-day feminism. The bigger the victim, the bigger the attention pay out.

There is nothing empowering about demanding special treatment.

It was pretty hilarious.

Hate-filled crybaby club. Dig it. Wondering if we could put that on shirts for them? Bumper stickers maybe?


Stronger together UNLESS you disagree with their agenda – if you disagree you should be cast out and mocked. Luckily Conservative women don’t give a damn what Jessica and her ilk think so it all works out nicely.

And that’s what really matters here. Feminists aren’t fighting for justice or equality, they’re fighting to control others and anyone with a brain in their head knows that is the opposite of empowerment.

Of course we are dealing with feminists here so … yeah.