Dear Vogue Magazine,

Trying to appease SJWs with a ‘diverse’ cover is a lesson in futility. Nothing and no one is EVER diverse enough for an SJW.



So, Vogue tried to do the whole diversity thing for their March cover touting the fact that the new norm in beauty is no norm. And as you can probably already imagine, the Left (predominately SJW types) were not happy with the cover.

But then again, are they really ever all that happy with anything?

Uh oh, the diversity cover wasn’t more inclusive!

And YEAH, shame on Vogue for trying to appease the beast that is feminism, lol.

Conventional-looking. What exactly does that mean? They’re lovely women of all shapes, sizes and skin tones … what, there’s not some hairy-legged cat hoarder on the cover? Sorry, a lot of people don’t want to look at that on purpose.

This is not the norm … HA HA HA.

Like we said, these people are never happy.

Yeah, John here is offended that Vogue would Photoshop a cover … GIRL POWER!

Luckily some on Twitter decided to mock the whole thing.


Yeah! Where’s the blonde!?

Right? With like eleventy billion genders out there surely they should have put a few more on the cover.