Watching people like Seth MacFarlane pretending to understand AND support the Constitution after spending eight years saying NOTHING while Obama trashed the highest law of the land is vomit-inducing. It’s so gross, fake and CONVENIENT.

Like this crap MacFarlane tweeted after the 9th circuit refused to reinstate the EO:

Oh look, he stands with the Constitution. How adorable. He didn’t bother to stand up for the Constitution when Obama was forcing Americans to buy insurance BUT HEY, he’s there now.

And what is this nonsense from him about country over party? We all know he’d gladly sell America out for the Democrats.

Not only interesting but something he stands with. *eyeroll*

We included this rebuttal because the amount of ignorance on the Left regarding basic civics is hilarious on its own, but when they pretend they know civics and others don’t? SUPER HILARIOUS.

Sit down.

He was busy making a cartoon which is honestly very funny, perhaps he should just stick with cartoons.

Of course he does and he knows it.

Because like other Democrats he’s OK with it when it’s his party doing these things.

We can only guess Seth figured out people weren’t exactly thrilled with his statement because soon after he tweeted about the Constitution he sent this out:

We’re thinking cat pictures are more his speed.