And we thought AMY was the annoying Schumer.

Seems someone has taught Schumer how to use hashtags … good for him. Old people really should keep striving to learn new skills.

On that note, OMG this guy is absolutely ridiculous. He acts like any of us should be surprised he’s voting no on Price? UMM DUH, Trump nominated him.

C’mon Chuck, let’s not pretend you’d vote yes for ANY Republican.

Make America sick again.


Hey dummy, America was never sicker than it has been under Obamacare. Millions losing their policies and getting stuck with crap policies they can’t afford to use. Stop lying about your gross law that did nothing but make us all sicker.

Awww look at that, he even tried a cute little play on words. SICK BURN.

Not really.

Dude, when people think you’re nuttier on Twitter than Trump? Maybe it’s time to put the Twitter down.

That being said, every day we see more and more why Trump called this guy a clown.