Sure, this tweet is from months ago, sent in fact on the night Hillary lost (it would have likely come right after it was obvious Trump was president) but wow … this is kinda, sorta racist, right?

Jack Moore writes politics for GQ Magazine and is also a writer on the Netflix original series called, “Dear White People”.

Guessing Moore doesn’t have the most optimistic or positive opinions on white people in general.

Just a guess though.

Not at all.

And isn’t this guy white? His avi is a cartoon so maybe not but thinking he might be.


As you can imagine, since this tweet resurfaced today Moore has been catching Hell in the Twitters for it:

It didn’t go so well for him, or for Netflix whose Twitter account seemed to be included in most every pissed-off tweet sent to Moore. Perhaps it’s not so smart to alienate the people who could make up half or even more of your audience.

Just a thought.