Not only is Charlie Sheen a lousy poet, but this one seems sorta violent …

Maybe it’s the tiger’s blood?

We get that he’s trying to do something original but yeah, every time he tweets a poem Robert Frost rolls over in his grave. And seriously, this reads a little like a threat to us, especially the part about the whole being asphyxiated? (also, we’re totally shocked he spelled that word correctly)

Can you imagine if a celebrity had written something like this about Josh Earnest? The screeching on Twitter would have been epic, thousands of progressives demanding the Secret Service GET THEM. Yup.

Ya think?

Didn’t they say something about going high when we go low? Guessing Charlie missed the memo.

The sad truth.

Seriously. It’s one thing to write poems about disliking or even hating someone, but basically wishing death on them?