We get it snowflakes, you’re tired of being called a snowflake. Our bad.

Apparently Paul Krugman took such issue with the term that he tried in his own, sad way to mock it, thus proving what we all already knew.

He is by his own definition a snowflake.

Awww, that’s cute. Calling Trump a snowflake, so radical and original.

Honestly if the term didn’t bother Krugman why would he acknowledge it in such a way? Oh and the nonsense from his readers under this tweet, trying to make the term racist, calling Trump an orange snowflake, blathering on about avalanches …

And they wonder why we mock them?

Editor’s note: Yes, we know the term snowflake is overused but we’ll keep using it until the snowflakes stop complaining about it because we’re mean that way. You’re welcome.