PLEASE people, stop pretending Warren did something amazing by being a disrespectful harpy in the Senate.

Honestly the melodramatic horse manure is getting even stinkier than usual but that didn’t stop the Left from coming up with some hashtag about how they RESIST. So dramatic, so edgy … so annoying.

Luckily Conservatives were more than happy to pop on the tag and mock their ‘strife’ with some good ol’ fashioned reality.

Here are some of the best:

Oh but we thought the Left was all about the LGBTQ community. Oops. Reality again.

Right? But somehow Americans not wanting that extremist ideology in their communities makes them the big meanies.

Hypocrisy is the Left’s bread and butter.


Look, something shiny!


Yeah, they seem to miss the point here. They can resist all damn day but Trump will still be president.

Don’t we all want an excuse to wear one?


C’mon, the editor of this piece has a nine year old – that’s an insult to nine year olds everywhere.

Included MAINLY for the look on that girl’s face in the front … LOL.

We love Twitter.