Gosh, Barbara seems upset that Republicans enacted Rule 19 with Senator Warren; the rule that is to be used to maintain decorum in the Senate. She babbles on about how it was historically set because senators were getting into fistfights … but that doesn’t mean Warren didn’t break the rule.

Of course then Mikulski doubles down and claims the only reason they did it was because Warren is a woman who stood up, so they wanted her to shut up and sit down.

Ummm no.

Thanks Guy.

Thing is, Barbara and other Democrats only hear what they want to. This is not about her not being able to hear other opinions, she just actively chooses not to.

Lots of educated, accomplished women work for Twitchy and none of them have ever been told to shut up and sit down.

Except by people on the Left.

Crybabyism may actually be a new mental illness, we’ll have to look into that.

Sadly women on the Left want to be equal as long as it’s convenient. The moment it becomes a barrier it’s somehow not fair, like this whole rule thing. It doesn’t matter if Warren has a vagina (sorry for the visual), even if a man had done what she did, Rule 19 would have applied.

Put the Woman Card away ladies, you’re clearly over your limit.