As Twitchy reported, Bruce Springsteen acted like a total doorknob in Australia, shaming America during his performance and going so far as to claim he was an embarrassed American.

Remember when Springsteen sang about being born in the U.S.A.? Now he’s embarrassed by it?


Wha? Why should Americans be embarrassed for protecting our borders and making our safety a priority? Just more drivel from an elite who is completely out of touch with not only everyday Americans, but reality.

Jenna Jameson was fed up:

WE are not embarrassed to be Americans.


And hey, if Bruce is so upset with and embarrassed by his country maybe he should just stay in Australia:

Hrm, sounds even tougher there. That being said, odds are he’s unfamiliar with the law anywhere, let alone Australia.

Americans are TIRED of apology tours shaming and blaming our country for every ill in the world. Which is one of the reasons Hillary lost.

Too rich to care? Too full of himself to care? It’s a fair question with the majority of these celebrities making fools of themselves. It’s truly as if they are ungrateful for a portion of their fan base.

Their loss.