Well then.

Of course Senator Harris (a Democrat from CA) is referring to the fake news around Betsy DeVos and grizzly bears. That being said, clearly the senator has never actually seen or interacted with a grizzly, otherwise she wouldn’t say something so stupid.

Then again, she is a Democrat.

Because Democrats believe women need them to succeed. The idea of an independent woman who thinks for herself is a threat to their narrative so if and when a woman is an outspoken and successful conservative, they become a target.

Dime a dozen.

Sorta like her buddy, Senator Patty Murray, who has also been screeching about DeVos and who reportedly took over $100k from the American Federation of Teachers. Yup.

Unions over kids, it’s actually pretty disgusting.


Dude, let’s not give Harris any ideas.

Right? Forget that she’s clearly out of her gourd, look at the condition of education in her own state. Why on Earth should anyone listen to her?

They’ll never learn.