When will the Left learn not EVERYTHING has to be political?

That PLUS football games have TWO HALVES, and you NEVER talk smack until the game is over.


Especially not during the Super Bowl. *eye roll*

Oh Touré, all we can do at this point is shake our heads at you.

Look out Miss Cleo! Wait … didn’t she pass away? Hrm.


Yes please, he gives us so many wonderful things to make fun of here at Twitchy.

He’s a giver.

And ouch. Dude, trust us, talking smack against the other team isn’t even smart, let alone basing some political tweet on a game. JUST DON’T DO IT.

Sidenote: Shaun King also politi-tweeted the game and deleted his, so we need to at least giveTouré credit for leavin his tweet alone.

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