Twitchy reported earlier that the Women’s March is now planning some sort of strike, which means a lot of men will go without sandwiches that day (sorry, the sandwich joke NEVER gets old).

They tweeted some ominous image about going a day without a woman, like that will somehow keep Trump from being president.

Oh no he didn’t!

Oh yes, yes he did.

Besides the media imploding and celebrities freaking out 24/7, mocking the Women’s March is one of our favorite things about the Trump presidency so far.

Win win!


Ironically “real women” aren’t invited because most real women are pro-life and like the last vagina march, surely pro-life is not invited.

No big loss for those of us who support life, we’re far too busy with actual jobs to march around with vaginas on our heads, complaining.

But they’ll make some statement and then blame evil men for the women getting fired for walking out on the job.


Agreed. Nothing says “hey pay me more because I have boobs” like walking out on the job.