Thinking the nimrods in traditional media have yet to figure out they all but elected Trump. First they propped him up with a ton of free coverage (for clicks and reads no doubt), obviously planning to tear him apart during the election.

Although by then Americans were onto their nonsense.

Now that we have President Trump, the media can’t seem to stop itself from reporting incorrectly and then having to correct … err … update stories.

Oh karma, you cheeky monkey you.

Washington Post, HuffPost, The Atlantic, CNN, MSNBC … delicious watching them squirm, ain’t it?

When you get more wrong about a story than you get right? Yup, that makes for a LOOOOOONG (and hilarious) correction.

Fair point, but honestly it only got worse after he received the nod. The media more than ever proved themselves a propaganda wing for the Democrats.

And they’re still paying for it.

Huh is right.

Somewhere a used car salesman just said HELL YEAH and then thought better of it … heh.


Not. In. The. Least.

But it’s funny.

They feed each other and then when it turns out one is wrong they ALL have to fix it.

Umm, when the Secret Service is telling you that your reporting is false?

Yeah, better fix that, chief.