Ya’ gotta give this to Sally Kohn, she is willing to double down on stupid. Hey, it takes serious dedication to be this deliberately ignorant, so Sally, we salute you.


Umm, Trump is the president (he beat Hillary, BADLY), and terrorism is a fundamental threat to religious freedom. And stop it Sally, you clearly don’t speak for the people.

Oops. Shhh, she’s busy stepping in it again, let her.

Of course she didn’t. It’s much easier to scream about MEAN OL’ TRUMP than to actually read and understand what’s happening here with the order. If she read it her outrage would look stupid … well, it still looks stupid, just not to her.

Obama bombed more countries than W. did, but hey, it’s okay when a president she likes blows stuff up.

So sweet. Ha!

Honesty is not a strong point on the Left.

That bizarro world is called Lefty-ville, and Sally is their mayor.