Well well well, lookie what we have here.

Remember last week (yes, it’s been a week) when Deadspin trolled Ted Cruz about playing basketball and was absolutely OWNED by the good senator? And then how an editor with Deadspin named Tim Marchman started trashing Cruz and challenging everyone to a fist fight on Twitter? And then Tim Kennedy, a badass UFC fighter, took him up on it?

Good times.

There were several more tweets with Tim insulting the senator, including the tweet where he made the challenge to fight … but his timeline has been magically scrubbed except for three tweets.

Huh, wonder why that is? Could it be the fact that a giant fighter was willing to fight Marchman for charity?


We screen captured the remaining tweets JUST in case he decides to do some more “cleaning.”


Yeah, besides the one tweet where he’s all big and bad about no one emailing him (which we know was a lie) the other two tweets are about Hitler and Christ.

That doesn’t sound crazy at all, nope.

Guess the old saying still applies, don’t start none, won’t be none.