We weren’t familiar with Chantal until her lovely tweet came across our feed … she seems like a sweetheart, yeah?

But HEY, Twitter saw fit to give her a blue checkmark so she must be somebody.

Her bio says she’s a cool dude, so maybe calling her a she is a bad thing? It gets so confusing with dozens and dozens of genders these days.

Maybe we’ll just call her DUDE.

Oh, and in case the DUDE missed it, this is the definition of CIVIL … yeah, we’re pretty sure she missed it.

Thinking she missed that whole politeness bit in particular.


If it means a war of being the most civil she totally lost, just sayin’.

Awww, look how kind the right is. She is screeching at them and they hope she gets the help she needs.


So did Trump drive them crazy or were they already unhinged and just hiding it better?


Ya’ know, it wouldn’t surprise us.

The irony that IS the Left.

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