Seriously? C’mon.

Just out of the blue, Cox will start crying because of Donald Trump.

For realz? Oh to have nothing else in life to worry about than making up reasons in your head to hate the president.

MTV, what happened to you? We’re old enough to remember when MTV played music and shut up about politics.

Note: We threw this in because Cox says she blocks people who ask about music on MTV – yes, we’re childish. We own it. 

Ouch. And well, harsh but true. How much pain have people on the right gone through over the last eight years? Sure, most of us didn’t get on Twitter and tweet about how we just couldn’t bear it some days (most of us were busy fighting the Left, not crying) but still.

They’re going to have to toughen up a bit.


Dancing snowflakes. Is that Nancy Pelosi in the front?

Umm …

Ha! And no, it’s not happening to all of us.

Wait, getting on Twitter and tweeting about crying isn’t strong? Who knew?

Awww see, we’re giving.

Or as Kurt Schlichter himself always says, #caring.

Editor’s note: Continued thanks to @Judianna for use of “boomity”. She completes us.

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