Since Donald Trump won the election (we just like writing that over and over again because know it upsets the Lefties), the so-called ‘modern Left’ has come into focus with protests that are more riot than protest, violence and ridiculous fear-mongering. None quite so evident than this past week in Berkeley with the Milo speaking engagement.

Dave Rubin nailed it:

What does the Left do when they disagree with you? They objectify you, they label you and then they attack you; they make you another faceless piece of the opposition so when they’re called out for THEIR behavior they can say you had it coming.

Like the way they’ve treated Milo.

Funny that.

Topple Buzzfeed … ha! Nope, they have the market cornered on ‘off the rails,’ BUT Newsweek is definitely a contender.

Whether you’re a fan or not, Milo didn’t even speak and these loons in the media are attacking his character like HE is somehow responsible for the maniacs who trashed property and hurt people.

Rubin couldn’t have called this more perfectly, the modern Left.