Wow Clinton Camp, that’s gotta smart.

Gosh, she was really set on shattering that glass ceiling, right? Too bad.

Really they should have used it for Kellyanne Conway who actually DID manage to break that glass ceiling. Hey, waste not want not, right?

Poor Hillary.


Almost as dangerous as her being president, yup.

HA! And can you return such a thing? Good question.

Hey, we didn’t say it.

Ok, we laughed at it and saw fit to include in this article BUT we didn’t say it. *bahahaha*

Knowing she didn’t get to use it, agreed.

Those faces she made at the DNC were hilarious.

Awww the 2016 election was AWFUL but there are a few things we can look back on and laugh about. Hillary being wowed by a bunch of balloons is one of them.