Well then.

That’s right! Tear Berkeley apart because there is no greater more prominent CONSERVATIVE area in the country.

That’ll show those Trump voters!

Wait, what?

Uhhh yeah. Hillary won California handily, and yet these morons are trashing California as a means to what, show Donald Trump who’s boss?

Stupid protesters are stupid.

REEEEEEAL smart, yup.

If it took more than making banners, throwing bike racks through windows, spraying defenseless women with pepper spray and yelling at ATMs nope, they don’t.

That would be a HORRIBLE video. Don’t give them any ideas.

Exactly! These bumper stickers are likely plastered to the back of their Prius that runs on used Chinese food oil or something.

And no matter how many times we tell them this, it’s like they don’t hear it. They’re helping convince people who didn’t even like Trump to support him with this behavior – Trump says thanks guys.

Good point.

SPECIAL kind of stupid.


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