They’ll never learn.

Oooooh skeery …


They won? Destroying property, assaulting people and generally speaking, breaking the law and they think they won?

Won what?

And really, dismantle the state? HA.

This is war. Occupy Oakland, that’s adorable.

Yeah, notice they didn’t pull this crap down south.

But c’mon, they’re ed-u-macated and stuff … in reality what they did was closer to fascism.

Someone wanna tell them?

But that’s their resistance or something. DOWN WITH THE MAN. Right?

Tough guys. HEY, that ATM was super shifty and bragging about making abortion illegal. Yeah, that’s it.

BINGO. These idiots, in their efforts to silence Milo, gave him an even BIGGER platform. Look at how many people are talking about him today.

I’m sure Milo thanks you, Occupy Oakland.

Even this guy gets it.

The visual on this … too good. Moonbeam land. HA!

‘Nuff said.