With the amount of bellyaching and screeching from the Left since Trump signed the EO limiting immigrants from seven countries, you’d have thought surely more Americans disagreed with the so-called ‘ban’, right?

Perhaps it’s just one of those “the loudest gets the most attention” things? Hard to hear from logical people when crazies who haven’t showered in weeks to save water are screaming everywhere for the media to cover.

Here’s the reality:

Yup. Sorry snowflakes (yes, we use snowflakes because we know it irritates them).

Americans are tired of the government NOT doing enough to protect them. There is nothing wrong, or mean, or racist with wanting borders protected, especially with countries that have been deemed as harbors of terror by the Obama administration.

Predictably the Left came unglued over this thread:

OH NOEZ, how dare Americans want to be safe!


Aka “I don’t believe this so I need to see your questions because no one could ever disagree with me.” Smug is IN.

When will the Left figure out this is why they lose? This guy thinks people were just too stupid to understand …

Keep it up guys, Trump in 2020 thanks you.