Wow y’all, Andrew Cuomo is TOTES in touch with New York and THE PEOPLE.

Huh. If only someone could come up with a headline to match this moving hogwash, right? Hard to describe in one sentence, the level of drama queen that Cuomo has invoked here.

Awww, thanks Dave.

And LOL.

Dave wins the internet folks, the rest of you can go home now.

Sadly someone, somewhere probably doesn’t think this is a joke and is applauding his use of diversity … because people are stupid.

They are indeed and at this point it’s best to laugh at them. Of course this isn’t the first time Cuomo has played dramatic to make a lame point … like this bit.

Dude, you’re not an illegal immigrant so this is stupid. But you knew that.

Yeah, Cuomo makes an ugly chick.

Awww yes, Cuomo was more than happy to talk trash at conservatives and make them feel unwelcome in New York. Maybe we should see about deporting him …



Editor’s note: We write about a lot of funny stuff at Twitchy, but this may be one of the funniest threads we’ve seen in a long while on Twitter. Cuomo the shapeshifter … lol.

Because he can’t be both.