Funny ain’t it? How quickly the Left has embraced the idea of individual liberty and patriotism now that their party isn’t in power?

And not funny ha ha but funny OMG WE TOLD THEM BUT THEY NEVER LISTENED ha ha.

Growing government to the size Obama grew it was not patriotic, and honestly set up everything Trump can and will do so in reality, they did this to themselves.

Way to go, Lefties.

Sorry, and their idea of the resistance isn’t really a resistance. Posters, hashtags and whining in the streets is not the resistance.

So not only do they not understand what it means to be a patriot, but resistance also seems to be another buzz word they suddenly adopted.


Sadly like others on the Left, Sally makes up liberties as she goes along.

Of course not – it was TOTES PATRIOTIC when Obama did it, duh.

Apparently supporting the only thing the Federal government was originally SUPPOSED TO DO (protect our people and our borders) is somehow not a core liberty.

The stupid burns.