After the tragic shooting at a Quebec mosque, where reportedly six people lost their lives to two gunmen, the Left couldn’t WAIT to make this about Trump. The bodies hadn’t even cooled and these miserable dregs were on Twitter rambling about right-wing extremism and blaming the so-called #MuslimBan.

Like this yahoo:

Gosh Conor, you missed your calling with this brilliant amount of police work.

You know that face you make when someone or something is so stupid? You squint your eyes and tilt your head? Yeah, that’s us right now.

He might indeed.

Finally, someone in the media actually calling idiots like this one out. We need MORE of this.

Yeah, pretty sure we saw that on some Trump red hats … right.

It was just too clunky for a t-shirt, dammit.

And bingo. People are dead, and this guy is an asshole for pushing narrative and implying horrible things to support his agenda. When will people like Conor here figure out they are to blame for the lack of trust in the media?

The media, sadly.

Nuff said.

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