Some of the dumbest commentary on the Trump EO limiting travel from certain countries has been around the choices of countries included. Most people are trying to say Trump let certain countries ‘off the hook’ because he does business there.

Hey, no one ever accused these people of being overly bright.

The reality of the list is actually pretty ironic if you think about it:


Sorry crazy conspiracy types, Trump didn’t sit down at his golden-plated desk and pull a bunch of countries out of his golden backside, they came from a list established by OBAMA. If you don’t like the list, talk to him.

These people …

BAM. Thank you.

Right? Since Trump is willing to call it what it is that makes the list somehow MEANER and racist or something.

Side note, we certainly do NOT miss hearing Obama say PAH-KEE-STAHN or ISIL.

At this rate the Left will burn out quickly, seeing evil in everything Trump does will eventually just turn into noise. And then if something comes up where there should be concern, no one is going to listen to crazy.

Which is sorta what’s happened to the media.

That being said, they’ll never learn.