Ever since UFC fighter Tim Kennedy accepted Tim Marchman’s challenge to a fight on Twitter, the Deadspin editor has gone very quiet.

Last week, Deadspin tried to troll Ted Cruz and had their Twitter arses handed to them by the senator himself. Tim Marchman got exceptionally fussy with people making fun of his site and like a moron challenged all of Twitter to a fistfight. Little did he know that UFC fighter Tim Kennedy would be willing to accept his challenge.

Dana Loesch offered to pay for plane tickets to make this happen, and Glenn Beck and Kennedy himself offered to put money up for charity … and still, Marchman has been silent.


Maybe don’t write checks your butt can’t cash?

He should be. Have you seen Kennedy?!

Twitter has consequences. Heh.

He did indeed.

Clearly he wasn’t thinking when he tweeted the challenge. Did he really not think a bunch of conservative men (and women) might take him up on it?

Poor lil fella, Twitter is hard.

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