President Trump flipped the Left RIGHT OUT with his EO limiting travel into the US from seven countries that according to the Obama administration house terrorists.

Really, where do people think this list came from? Hello.

How quickly and conveniently people forget Obama was president, unless there is something good they want to give him credit for, they absolutely refuse to acknowledge the bad, and there was a LOT of bad.

Hillary should know better.

Ya’ don’t say? This isn’t who we are?

And who was Secretary of State in 2011?

Oh yeah, Hillary.


Double oops.

Of course, she saw an opportunity to exploit millions of people who were uninformed and confused by the media’s rhetoric around the EO. Sure, there are things the administration could have done better (Green Cards, dual citizenship, people in the air, etc) but the notion of limiting travel from certain countries for vetting is not a ban, and it’s not a bad thing.

Shhhh with your facts and stuff.

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