The only thing more annoying than the Left’s bleating about women under President Trump is their insistence that the LGBT community will suffer. FORGET that Trump is the first pro-same sex marriage president to enter the White House, oh no, he’s a meanie and will put the gays in camps. Or something.

Thank goodness for GayPatriot:

He really should start a daily blog writing nothing else but things like this.

So. Hilarious.



Someone actually made this. We’re not sure if we should applaud or suggest therapy.

Ba dum bum.

Of course he is.

HA! Careful, the Left will see this and think you’re serious.

Plenty of people disagreed with GayPatriot’s take and complained at and to him, to which he responded with the hashtag #DeportDramaQueens.

For example …

Sweetie? Puuuh-leeeeze.

SO SKEERY! Trump supports gay marriage … HALP HALP.


Seriously, don’t give the Left any ideas. Slate will probably write something about vans picking up gays and putting them in camps … wait, now WE’VE given them the idea. Eeek!