As Twitchy readers know, the sports site Deadspin attempted to troll Ted Cruz and in return was handed their arses by the senator. The fallout for Deadspin after the incident was hilarious, eventually triggering Tim Marchman, an editor for the site, to get all big and bad about people laughing at their mistake and challenging Twitter to a fight.

Seriously. Twitter.

Yeah, we know.

Ultimately though his challenge got the attention of Tim Kennedy, a UFC fighter:

Twitter EXPLODED with support for Kennedy – meanwhile Marchman went oddly quiet. Guessing the idea of fighting someone the size of Tim Kennedy made him think twice about his big mouth?

And hey, people were more than willing to help Kennedy get to where Marchman wanted to fight, including Dana Loesch:

See? Givers.

And still, nothing from tough guy Marchman. Wonder why?

Maybe JUST MAYBE challenging Twitter to a fight because another editor got owned for trolling a senator wasn’t such a good idea, Mr. Marchman.


UPDATE: Dana also offered to pay for Tim Marchman’s ticket as well …