Starting to see a clear picture of why Trump hired Kellyanne Conway.

From KYW Newsradio:

Witness tells the news organization that Conway stepped between two men after they got into a scuffle at the invite-only Liberty Ball, hours after President Donald Trump took the oath of office.

When the two men wouldn’t stop fighting, Conway reportedly punched one of the men wearing a tuxedo with a closed fist at least three times.

It’s unclear what may have triggered the altercation.

Don’t start none, won’t be none, boys.

At least three times. Heh.

Another account of the altercation was posted on Facebook by Charles Gasparino:


“Conway started throwing some mean punches …”

Is it just us or does this read sorta like some movie?

Reports are now that the man Conway was defending was Scott Baio:

So does this mean Kellyanne loves Chachi?

Either way … *popcorn*