We’d explain to Wil Wheaton that men weren’t critical of the Women’s March because they were weak and afraid, but we left our crayons and puppets at home.

Our bad.

Speaking out against the Women’s March was apparently ridiculous, and mostly men were doing it? Gosh, we saw a lot of women who had issues with a march that would deliberately shun pro-life women while welcoming an organization like CAIR.

We certainly didn’t see anyone who was weak or afraid.

Silly, pro-life and conservative women don’t count. Didn’t you know they’re fair game? But don’t you dare make fun of the women wearing vagina hats and pretending abortion is noble. That is the the work of the PATRIARCHY.

They were CLUELESS. Some were there because of abortion, some were there to oppose the Muslim-ban, some were there because they had nothing else better to do. Most of them were there to hang out and bitch about the best country in the world, that was likely the only common theme.

Seriously, if you look at Wheaton’s timeline there are nasty tweets about Kellyanne Conway that he’s retweeted or written himself. So perhaps he should take a gander in the mirror if he’s going to scold other men about their so-called sexist behavior?