For years, Planned Parenthood has been insisting they provide women with all sorts of care, trying desperately to separate themselves from what we know to be their main objective, abortion. This video/audio footage from Live Action about prenatal care at Planned Parenthood is absolutely damning if true:

If you listen to the audio, the young woman calling sounds nervous and unsure; how many women who contact Planned Parenthood daily for help are actually offered care and not just an abortion? And does the one gal say there are no OB/GYNs at the clinic?

Not to mention the low number of adoptions Planned Parenthood takes part in …

You’d have thought the footage of Planned Parenthood employees selling baby parts would have defunded them by now, and instead the people who filmed the footage caught more flack and had more legal troubles than the people selling parts.

Wonder what will come of this footage under a President Trump.

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