President Trump has decided to keep Comey as the Director of the FBI.

And as you can imagine, the Left didn’t exactly take the news all that great because they still blame Comey for Hillary breaking the law. He didn’t make her corrupt, he just didn’t let it slide.

But yeah yeah, cue the crazies, WAAAAAAAAH:

If this is failing upward we don’t see a downside. Just sayin’.

*eye roll*

Why do we get the sense that somewhere, there was a great disturbance in the Hillary force, like a woman who has tried to be president twice imploded? Or at least threw a shoe or something.

“This is not the FBI Director you are looking for” …

You know this news didn’t go over well with her and her cohorts (and you thought the typical daffodils were fussy).

To be a fly on that wall – it’s likely EPIC.

We sense it too.


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