Nothing says women’s empowerment like excusing oppression because the government gives you free money.

Apparently even back in 2014, Linda Sarsour thought this was acceptable. Today we only wish we could say other women found this to be unacceptable but having watched the Women’s March over the weekend, clearly too many American women are either uninformed or accepting of this as well.

We’re worried about them being treated as property and not human beings.

We’re worried about women’s equality … but hey, if you’d rather have 10 weeks of paid maternity leave instead of your freedom, knock yourself out.

But DUDE, free money from the government. WHOOHOO.

Sure. Their government WANTS women to stay home and do nothing else, so of course they’re willing to pay for their subjugation, ultimately treating them as property.


Free money though, man!

Huh, when you look at it side-by-side that whole 10 weeks of paid maternity leave sorta sucks, eh Linda?