You know when someone you don’t really engage tweets about you nonstop that you are living rent-free in their head. Too bad so many of these empty, rent-free heads smell of anger, desperation and cheap hairspray.

In Shannon Watts’ case, it likely smells a little like stale milk, kitty litter and dirty socks …

How very typical of these supposed pro-women types to attack the looks of women who disagree with them. And really, this tweet is just creepy, we all know Watts has Dana blocked.

She is indeed a very jealous and insecure chick.

We love that Dana called her a chick, you KNOW that will irritate her.


And creepy.

Oh, and there are plenty of moms out there who wear black leather and who would ABSOLUTELY shoot a thug in the head if they tried to hurt their families.

That. ^