Gosh, you’d think a bunch of women gathered in one spot for a protest wouldn’t leave a mess …

Apparently if you’re talking about NASTY women they not only vote but make a YUGE mess and leave it for someone else to clean up because equality or something.

Many of these same women claim leaving the mess will somehow SHOW TRUMP who’s boss, which makes absolutely no sense. Guess who gets to clean up this mess, ladies. Other women. Oh and some men sure but you’re likely fine making men clean up after you because of the patriarchy or some other nonsense.

Because they’re far too busy bitching and moaning about Trump taking away all of these rights he has never said a word about taking away.


Funny how they spend a day screeching about women not being treated poorly and then proverbially crap all over cities knowing some women will have to clean up after them. Equal for me and not for thee? Typical.

We are women hear us roar … and then pick up after us?

McCaskill using the march to raise money, we’d laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Well of course they won’t cover the mess these “brave women” made, that would reflect negatively on their narrative. But we know the truth and we’ll share it.

Side note: Lots of women have been whining that this photo was taken outside of Trump Tower after the lame Michael Moore protest and not after the march, because that somehow makes the mess they deliberately left for city employees to clean up better?

They don’t get it.

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