Because nothing says patriotism like trashing a bus stop.

You can hear a man off camera say, “F*ck off pigs, f*cking commies.”

Big thanks to Ashley Rae for posting all of these images and footage of damage done by protesters before Trump’s inauguration. You can find her feed at: @Communism_Kills


Soup, coffee and salad are merely ploys of the patriarchy or Trump or something.

No one said these protesters were smart.

We all wear slavery. Huh, who knew?


Truth be told we saw this limo picking a fight with the protesters; yeah, the limo told them to go home and take a shower.

But we thought they were big Planned Parenthood supporters and isn’t that basically all they do besides kill the unborn? Hrm.

Starbucks … smh.


Luckily it sounds like the bombs were decoys, although we are seeing in other places that it could have been tear gas canisters.

Ok, this one made us laugh. TAKE THAT POLITICO.

Well of course, coffee and money must be destroyed.

Board of Education building, classy.

Of course protesters are all about class ya’ know.