Does it make you laugh as much as it makes us laugh when Michael Moore tries to act tough? Seriously. It’s sort of like a small, three-legged dog with an eyepatch growling at you, it’s just not that intimidating.

Of course that didn’t stop Moore from acting all big and bad with Robert DeNiro by his side at the NYC protest they had last night.

Yeah Michael, we know who DeNiro is … thanks.

Trump’s not getting away with it? With what, exactly? Doing the job millions of Americans elected him to do?  They’re such condescending schmucks, like they have any say over the president; can you imagine their whining if conservatives had said this about Obama? Racism!

Heh, apparently Moore is AOK with those things because a Democrat did them.

Hrm. He really does have a LOOOOONG record of being wrong. Good point.


Maybe switch those adjectives around, Michael. Massive Man in Ballcap Leads Large(ish) Anti-Trump Protest …