Ya’ know, we’d almost feel sorry for the Women’s March if they hadn’t started this nonsense. First they pretend to represent all women and then they get into fights over who the biggest victims are and THEN they kick out a feminist group for being pro-life.

Guess you could say this march has earned a bit of ridicule, and who better to bring that ridicule than Twitter and the hashtag #RenameMillionWomenMarch?

Sounds like a country western song.

Not gonna fit on a bumper sticker. Just sayin’.

You need an acronym.


Sounds legit.

Oh yeah, they allowed CAIR to march but kicked out pro-life … because THAT totally makes sense.

Truth. ^


Heh. That’s a lot of pussies … CATS PEOPLE.

It certainly does seem they’re always looking for something to be outraged about.



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