Remember when Democrats treated minorities as voting blocks rather than people during the election? Yeah, we saw emails where they were all basically lumped together into buckets so it would be easier for them to be pandered to.

Proving what we knew all along, that the Left is extremely racist.

Check out this tweet from Jonathan Chait about a ‘token’:

Talk about having no standards – what a classless and ugly tweet from Chait.

Anti-Latino racism … it’s like Yglesias didn’t even read the tweet he’s responding to.

And they still don’t understand why they lost.

You ever notice how Democrats believe that any minority or woman who somehow sees through their progressive agenda is somehow being used or too stupid to know they’re being used? Hence a token.

How can anyone stand this?

They need to collect all of them you know.

Hillary Clinton was grossly corrupt and had a ton of ugly baggage, and the Left still nominated her because she had a vagina. They don’t care about policy or real ideas, all that matters to them is which group they can pretend to care about and exploit next, aka identity politics.