Maybe someone should tell Kathy Najimy that these “scarves” aren’t just things that women wear to cover their hair.

And she wants people to wear them in support of religious freedom, which is like the opposite of what these so-called scarves stand for.

Ummm. No. So much no. In fact the opposite of yes until it’s yes and back around to no again.


Kathy, if you want to support our Muslim sisters you should advocate for them to be FREE of those scarves and to fight against the oppression of having to be covered in the first place. Read something woman, cripes.

She has no clue.

Saying she lost all critical thinking skills implies she once had them, we’re not so sure.


The “scarves” oppress women BUT HEY, this one is red, white and blue so that surely makes it different, right? No? Hrm.


Fear of reprisal meaning rape, stoning, death etc. All because they refuse to wear these simple scarves.

Religious freedom our foot.