Just. Wow.

He says, “Why would you go so low? She’s not even human.”

The man goes on to shame the other man for bringing his white girlfriend into a ‘black-owned restaurant.’

Via the Daily Mail:

The male diner smiles in disbelief at the interaction. Throughout the video only a glimpse of the white woman’s face is shown.

This couple was attacked for having differently colored skin. Quite honestly the footage is shocking. We get it, you hear about these things every day but to actually see something like this caught on video? Shameful.

If you watch the video the man whose girlfriend is being attacked is absolutely calm and restrained. He even calls the interviewer, “my friend,” likely as an attempt to stop the attack.

No words.

And to Larry Elder’s point, President Obama’s mother was white and his father was black, would the interviewer have been so crass and cruel to them?