Even if you’re someone who isn’t exactly a fan of Donald Trump, the amount of bellyaching, obsessing and complaining about him in this Washington Post opinion section is JUST ridiculous.

We get it WAPO, you don’t like Trump.

No idea what black America looks like? Gets no respect? His presidency is DOOMED … cripes people.

And please, let’s not pretend they wouldn’t be reacting in a similar manner if Rubio or Cruz had won; Democrats will Democrat.

Yeah, one story is about people with disabilities being stuck in segregated confinement … they are just FULL of upbeat opinions today.


This idea actually cracked us up; journalists have gone to therapy over Trump and this is their way of mentally dealing with the president-elect and their psychosis. lol

Too long.

All jokes aside (although we could make fun of this all day), this type of reporting will ultimately be their undoing; like much of traditional media, they are rendering themselves useless because of an obnoxious bias.