Apparently Amanda Marcotte and other feminists missed the whole having sex without getting pregnant discussion in sex ed … because yeah:

Plenty of women in fact have plenty of orgasms without ever getting pregnant. But hey, this is all starting to make sense, right? If feminists are scared an orgasm will make them pregnant then odds are most of them haven’t had one in a loooooooooooong time.

No wonder they’re so damn crabby.


Oh settle down, we’re just kidding. Sorta. 

This all came about because a prolife feminist group was kicked out of the Women’s March, and instead of admitting they only support certain types of women, Marcotte went on a tirade against the prolife group.

Actually you can believe women are absolutely equal and SHOULD control their own bodies, which is by making smart decisions and taking accountability for their actions. That is equality.

Who said anything about being hostile to contraception?

Abortion though is not contraception, it’s murder.


Most women don’t oppose contraception, they just oppose the idea of abortion as contraception. This is not difficult.

And no, birth control is not a basic human right, but life is.

Blah blah blah blah blah … surely even feminists get tired of listening to themselves blather on like this. Sheesh.

Nope. Plenty of women dislike abortion and want it banned – this is not about evil men, sorry Amanda.

No one is forcing anyone to grow a baby – babies don’t just magically appear (unless you’re Mary and believe in such things). Stop pretending women aren’t capable of making better choices and making excuses for them NOT to be accountable. Feminists like Amanda Marcotte want women to stay victims, so they push this crap.

If only they’d have an orgasm and get over it already.

Editor’s note: Yes, a woman wrote this. You’re welcome.


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