Dozens of Democrats have decided they will not attend Trump’s inauguration. *yawn*

Of course few Americans actually know who these Democrats are and most won’t care if they show up or not, BUT Katie Pavlich makes a really good point here about Hillary Clinton, of all people.

If the Democrat who actually LOST the election can bring herself to attend, you big babies should be able to as well.


Because Obama loves the division and the drama – that and his focus has been more on keeping his legacy than actually worrying about country and a peaceful transition of power.

Shhhh! Don’t oppress them … or something.

Well then hopefully someone will tell them to stop acting like three year olds.

Most Americans aren’t ‘racist,’ but for whatever reason (call it agenda), Democrats need people to believe that more than half of this country is racist. It’s really gross if you think about it.

Strange indeed.

Too cold to sit on the cement in January in D.C.

And that’s really what it boils down to. How many times did Democrats shame Republicans and insist they respect the office, even if they couldn’t respect the man?