Yesterday Twitchy reported that the Women’s March in all it’s womanly wisdom shunned a prolife group of women from the event, because apparently women who cherish life don’t count in their little movement march thingie.

In reaction to this act by the supposedly inclusive Women’s March, March for Life spoke out in support of women who are prolife and welcomed them.

The right to life is FOUNDATIONAL to all other rights. That’s why we should march.


Women at the other march don’t get it, that without their right to live they wouldn’t be out there bitching about having the right to kill the unborn.

Interested in marching for life? Here’s the info:

Notice they don’t say pro-aborts aren’t welcome; can you imagine the screeching if they did? All sorts of accusations of being anti-woman and other nonsense.

You’d think the Left would dig the idea of coexistence. Oh wait, not this type, our bad.


And a right.