Oh sad, sad media, we’d feel a teensy bit sorry for you if you hadn’t done this to yourselves.

Words are hard!

But math is even harder! And excuse us, we were told there would be no math.

When will they figure out that polls are silly things?

Oh yeah, that poll where Trump had less than 2% of a chance of winning. Who are these media types polling and how are they being polled? Clearly whoever they are, are completely out of touch with reality.


The press doesn’t actually get how free they are. Perhaps if they read something other than the tripe they write themselves they might get it?

Again, hard to have much sympathy for them – they created this mess by not only protecting Hillary during the election, but propping Trump up during the primary. They gave him something like three billion dollars in free advertising because it got them clicks.

Suck it up, this is on you, media.